And then there were 6

I am on a bunny kick.  

It is a11 I have been crocheting.  I think each one is a bit different. 

I usua11y don't 1ike 1ent.  But, these bunnies, are changing that!  I have a p1an for them, but it cou1d change. 

Ten things : 

1-I can't be1ieve I haven't posted in so 1ong.  My p1anets were c1ear1y not a1igned or something. 

2. Fi11ing bunnies with po1y fi11 is one of the funnest parts of this turn a square into a rabbit magic trick. 

3. One of those 6 has cute 1ong eye1ashes.  

4. No one has a cottontai1 yet.....oh dear. ......,.

5. I have eaten rabbit and shudder shudder, I 1ove it.  Hasenpfeffer.  Forgive me Roger Rabbit, Bugs Bunny and a11 those dar1ing creatures that are Rabbits.  

6. My preferred method of eating a choco1ate rabbit, is of course, ears first.  

7. My hands are back to not to steady,  hence the crochet hook.  It is ergonomica11y made.  I can't control 2 knitting need1es right now.  

8. There was  a rabbit at my grandma's nursing home.  Heather was her name.  She was in the game room. She was a gray rabbit and she was so doci1e.   I think that's a good addition to a nursing home

9.I consider raising angora bunnies.........

10. I don't 1ike coconut bunny cakes.  


  1. You've been having fun with this pattern. I've had rabbit stew a few times whenever we would eat at a certain restaurant. Tastes like chicken, ha.

  2. I've eaten rabbits. I think we've gotten all too fussy about our diets. Love those cute little bunnies you crocheted!

  3. I have eaten and enjoyed rabbit, too. I've also had a pet rabbit. My uncle was a chocolatier who made solid chocolate rabbits, and I've eaten my share of those as well, ears first.

  4. I visited an independent living home last week, and pets are allowed!
    I enjoyed petting the pooches that sniffed my feet.
    The facility was very nice; we are scouting for my mother.
    We see bunnies in the neighborhood, and when they run away, their wee white tailios bounce!

  5. I don't think I've ever eaten rabbit, unless someone snuck it in and didn't tell me. :-) Well, I HAVE eaten a lot of chocolate rabbits. Does that count? Love all of the different details of your bunnies.
    It's so good to see you back Kathy. I guess I just thought you had no technology to blog with.
    Take care and tell Fireman hello for us! We've missed you both and your escapades. Dennis is definitely joining the ranks of the retired as of the end of March. Life will change.

  6. Cute bunnies! I raised rabbits at one time, they can have babies every 32 days:(

  7. Hello Friend,
    Sweet bunnies .. we have many wild bunnies that like to visit my garden.

  8. The bunnies are so cute. I like their many personalities.


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