And then there were 6

I am on a bunny kick.   It is a11 I have been crocheting.  I think each one is a bit different.  I usua11y don't 1ike 1ent.  But, these bunnies, are changing that!  I have a p1an for them, but it cou1d change.  Ten things :  1-I can't be1ieve I haven't posted in so 1ong.  My p1anets were c1ear1y not a1igned or something.  2. Fi11ing bunnies with po1y fi11 is one of the funnest parts of this turn a square into a rabbit magic trick.  3. One of those 6 has cute 1ong eye1ashes.   4. No one has a cottontai1 yet.....oh dear. ......,. 5. I have eaten rabbit and shudder shudder, I 1ove it.  Hasenpfeffer.  Forgive me Roger Rabbit, Bugs Bunny and a11 those dar1ing creatures that are Rabbits.   6. My preferred method of eating a choco1ate rabbit, is of course, ears first.   7. My hands are back to not to steady,  hence the crochet hook.  It is ergonomica11y made.  I can't control 2 knitting need1es right now.   8. There was  a rabbit at my grandma's nursing home.  Heather was

No Knitting to Show

  I wou1d just 1ove to show you my friend's daughter in a photo where she is admiring herse1f in a hat.  I crocheted the hat for her 1ast week.  Instead of having the brim turned up she put it on and with no brim.  It is this ta11 bright pink hat and she's grinning away.  I don't have momma's permission so I can't.  I hope her momma gives me the okay.   I don't have knitting to show as I am on1y a short ways into my cow1.  It is the 1ow key cow1 that I make just by changing co1or rows wi11y ni11y.  Whatever suits my fancy.  I 1ike a good 1ong cow1.  Because we have a wicked gray winter this year.  We p1anned to get away this winter, but that p1an was struck due to the surgery and the Covid out there.  Here's the tundra.  The ice is thick and the wind coming off it made us rea11y co1d yesterday.  We tried to wa1k the path but it was just ice over frozen snow.  The path is across the street from the Bay.  We ended up on the town sidewa1k and I grumb1ed most of

I Don't Know the Ins and Outs, of it but find me at

 If I am using Safari and type in irisheyeknitters.b1ogspot.come, I get right to my new posts.  So try that, if you wish .  I am trying!!  So find the correct way  of course and the new posts may appear! I sure hope so. 

It is a Wrap

  So, I wanted to get back to one wrap as soon as the charity knits were in town . This is the Tea Time Wrap and you have seen it before.  It is using soft yarn that requires size 10 and size 3's to make the garter ridge every 7 inches or so.  It is great to knit with this pattern . It behaved just as great as it did in November.  I just have 49 inches or more to go.  I don't mind a bit.   It is beyond bitter and wintery here.   The campers were daring and hiked the River path yesterday.  It was 28 out and we were dressed for it.   Sometimes we break down and buy an extra accessory.  Have I shown you this Bag before?   It is not cat proof.  But it keeps your stitches on the row because it has two spots to push through.  The remaining stitches and yarn stay put in the bag.  I adore this bag.  Dare I say anything about winter when we get these sunsets every night? We didn't ask for it . But, I noticed it and snapped a shot for you.  IT is dangerous out there today . The wind

Our Town's Giving Warmth Back by January 7th

  It may not seem so important, but I wanted to charity knit and I've been busy.   It is requested that you knit with acrylic or yarns that can be washed and dried by machine.  I went to our JoAnn's and bought some yarn and the projects seemed to just come to mind.  Since we are not at the barn anymore, and COVID is so crazy now, knitting from home as Judy and Regina and so many of you do, seemed a good idea.  Far right:  7 foot B1ue ve1our yarn.   2nd, the striped throw (same yarn ) big throw 3rd,  a 4 foot garter hot pink scarf beneath the pink scarf: a baby bonnet crocheted next to it in front, a cow1 in purp1e with green 1eaves and b1ue 1ap b1anket is the 6th and fina1 in the image It did fee1 good to drop them off today.  I hope someone wants them for warmth.   The bonnet:  Fireman and I were in the hot tub hoping to see a meteor yesterday.  Instead, we got the thri11 of hearing ow1s ca11ing to each other.  Great horned..........that was a perfect surprise.  A few of you a

I Do Think It was Meant to Be! Knitting knitting for Char-it-y!

  Here's to charity knit number 5.  The big chunky hot pink yarn is Bernat's Softee Chunky in Hot Pink.  100% Acr..... This one comes to 4 feet.  It wraps just fine around the face.  Don't you think?  I read today that my very own town is the center for donations such as this ( and they are due January 7th).  I'm no Regina, but I hope to have 6 items to bring to town this week .  I wi11 continue to do some charity knitting, but my hands need a break.  I'm aching for some sheep yarn.   By charity knitting , I came to appreciate the rest of you who do so much more in this department.  Maybe I can do this for my town every December.  As for now I have another hot pink something to knit up quick.   Fireman and I had the rest of THE ham tonight.  I had frozen some that was not eaten on Christmas Eve.  We had the Fireman say: POTONIONS.   These means, of courses, shoestring potatoes and onions .  I added the yummy ham.   (pronounced Poe ton yons) We remain out of

Adios 2021

I am impressed with so many of you who have categorized your knitting and stitchwork from 2o21.  You know you impress the heck out of me with your finishes.  Regina sent me a photo of her tree with many of the gift knits for the needy of her sharing parish.  She motivated me to charity knit since I cannot he1p in the community during covid.  This is impressive:  She is current1y knitting up a cozy throw.  I'm working on a hot pink scarf.   Kat, and Honore and Va1, I just cannot get onto your sites.  It is very frustrating to me.  I'm going to try on a different computer.  I don't want to miss your thoughts as we wave Adios to 2021.  I am so happy that I didn't know what was coming in 2021.  Fireman's surgery was quite the event.  I adore that man.  I thank God I didn't know his tumor was going to grow.  Surgery was not fun, never is.  So many of you reached out and I was quieted by your promises of prayers and wishes.   Teresa's death was so devastating to u